Monday, 3 August 2009

Lawyer! Lawyer! Pants On Fire!!!

I was waiting for Rocky's take on the 1st August Anti-ISA rally and he did not disappoint. Please read:


So who's liable for the RM100 million?
A question for Lawyers. Before anyone attempts to answer the Q, know the background: Raja Nong Chik told a press conference yesterday that the City could have lost RM100 m - RM200 m as a result of Saturday's anti-ISA demo.

The FT Minister's estimate is bound to raise eyebrows and draw scoffs. But what if it's true? [Read here]. Can anyone then be held responsible/accountable for the losses and damages?

In this age of transparency and good governance, shouldn't someone claim responsibility?
A lawyer friend of a friend of a friend said the Gerak Mansuh ISA, as the organiser of the demo, is liable. Meaning, I was told, that those who claim to have suffered losses and damages (which may include Sogo and Semua House, which had to close for business on that day; traders and hawkers; the LRT and bus operators; restaurants, etc) could actually sue the NGO.


On 1st August, the medical clinics around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor enjoyed a sudden upsurge in business. Men and women young and old, children of all ages were being treated for sore eyes and itchy skin conditions. Some had open wounds that needed stitching but the medical profession is most excited about the future increase in revenue of psychiatrists who will be treating emotional and mental scars that are expected to be suffered by thousands.

Departmental stores and pasar malams throughout the region also reported tremendous increase in business as thousands thronged to replace torn and tettered clothes and water damaged shoes.

Hundreds of food outlets throughout the late evening and night regretted they did not expect the sudden surge in business and many of them were sold out by 9.00 pm. This caused the hungry hordes to patronize even the less popular eateries.
This unexplained phenomenon resulted in an estimated increase of RM101 million in extra business on the day.

A lawyer friend, of a friend, of another friend of my friend says that perhaps the ISA should stay and remain a reason for the masses to take peaceful walkabouts through our fair city and also visit our King while they are at it. That lawyer also said that when he was practising in the Olde West, them darn Injuns who spooked the cattle and caused a stampede were liable. The organizers of the cattle drive sued the loin cloth off the Injun arses.

Come on Rocky! Certainly you can do better than that can't you ;o)


may ling said...

Good one, I rally enjoy your reply to the unimaginative standard response from so-called authority!

WY said...

nicely put. :)

perhaps an ISA detainee should sue the government for lost of income in the duration of the ILLEGAL detention?

say 600 odd detainees, 2-4 years each, =1200-2400 ...x rm50k/year ~ rm60000k~120000k compensation..

that's rm 60-120mil and it s a low estimate.

Rockybru said...

I am a asshole...huh!

Anonymous said...

Hohoho, rocky must have drunk a bottle of rum!

KS Cheah said...

Hahaha! Great sense of humour Rocky!

Anonymous said...

Rocky ain't no ass nor hole!

He should just change his name to 'jelly'. That would be more reflective of his character.

There is absolutely no 'rockiness' about him at all.

'Rock' speaks of permanent, solidity, firmness, permanence, steadfastness, etc.

But this Rocky was blown over by a slight breath of Najis!

What a shame and disgrace!