Thursday, 26 February 2009

Roast Duck At Tea Time

Yesterday morning at about 11.45, I received this sms from Capt Azmi in typical pilot manner that he is:

"4.30pm today. Restaurant is called Loong Foong (I think). Single storey cornershop at the back of the old Paramount cinema at intersection bet Jln 20/13 n Jln 20/14, PJ"

These impromptu sessions are now becoming synonymous with Azmi and he sure knows how to organize great sessions. This time around it was for arguably the best roast duck in PJ and Azmi is a roast duck afficionado. He said the group at Loong Foong consists mainly of his Chinese golf kakis from Kelab Golf Negara Subang.

Azmi's friends were a good bunch but I think the Tiger contingent consisting of Azmi, Mike, KC and yours truly, created an impression. It was another Bangsa Malaysia gathering! Imagine a table of 14-16 multi-racial people mostly in their fifties gorging themselves with plate after plate of crispy roast duck (we had 5 ducks) with nary a concern for cholesterol level and waistline! I can almost imagine the additional doses of statins before or after the meal! The 6 bottles of red wine were the only hint that anyone cared for the blood vessels.

I have been to Loong Foong numerous times but this was the first time at that hour. The duck somehow tasted better than in my previous visits; it must have been the company and way it was served...fresh from the oven!


Lye Hock said...

Wow..ducks & wine...fantastic! Any karaoke after that? I still can't forget Capt Azmi's "I can't get no satisfaction"..!! :D

Annoymous said...

very tasty to me :D slurps.

KS Cheah said...

Hi Lye Hock, I forgot to mention the single malts over the meal (an 18 years Glenlivet and 12 years Glenfiddich) and after the meal at Azmi's club KGNS (a bottle and a half of McCallen). At the club, Azmi was again in his element at the mike.