Monday, 22 December 2008

Pre-Christmas Drinks At Ribs @ Oasis

KC Heah again came up with a very good venue and yesterday's pre-Christmas Drinks at Ribs @ Oasis was largely a KEVII and OPA affair. Mike pre-arranged the menu with manager Stephen Gonzago whose daughter co-owns the place.

Mike's army/OPA buddies, Shaffiq, Shamsul and Basri joined Tigers KC Heah, Azmi, Eusie, Liz, Harjit and yours truly together with spouses Susan (Harjit) and Albert (Liz) for a great evening.

The menu;

* Tiger Mike's Miang Kham. All veg and delicious hors d'oeuvre. Easy to get daun kaduk in the wet market
* Fried Tofu Goreng Gareng served with Cili garlic sauce. Cut the tofu in 1 in cubes.
* NZ half green mussels cooked Thai style.
* Prawn salad. Served over Arugula (rocket) with mayo and wasabe saucewith smoked salmon slices spread on the prawns.
* Fried fish fingers/calamari. Served with Tartar sauce.
* Sotong kerabu Thai style.
* Argentinian Sardines on croutons with lemon juice..

* For non-Muslims: Katapandhi vindaloo with wholemeal bread

Numerous bottled beer, 2 bottles of red wine and 1 litre bottle of JW Black Label and 1 bottle of Azmi's German sounding single malt later we were done by about 1.30 am. Sorry for the bad picture quality; bad lighting and it was a phonecam.

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