Wednesday 22 October 2008

Ridhwan's Rokiah

The long anticipated blood test results, after the 19 day B17 protocol came out yesterday. Rokiah is in good spirits and feels well. Quite apart from being frail after the regime, she is determined to be well.

The results remind me of HSC/STPM exam in those days; doing well in some subjects and disappointing in some that had been hoped to improve. As with HSC, it was a dilemma of whether to repeat it or settle for a less desirable option in university. Re-taking did not guarantee better results and another half year would be lost. But the difference here is not about careers; it is about life itself.

Yes, Rokiah's readings were mixed and a couple of markers did increase; one even doubled. Yet, some other markers have improved and her husband Ridhwan is in a quandary. The "form teacher" has analysed the results and has attributed the negative results as being due to the surgery and is confident a re-take will show better results.

Since chemotherapy cannot start yet for various reasons, Ridhwan is comtemplating the next move... these are difficult times.

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