Wednesday, 8 October 2008

An Amazing Unfolding...

I had heard of her about 3 weeks ago when I met her devoted husband in a hospital. I met her for the first time yesterday (7th October 2008) and the following pictures tell the story. Her husband's own words in italics blue:

Sept 18, R waiting for re-admission to hospital. After operation on Sept 5 and discharge on Sept 13, wound did not heal well. She went back to the operation theater for re-stitching of the wound on Sept 20.

Sept 20, After the re-stitching operation. 5 days later, things began to go wrong. While colon was healing and the re-stitched wound was healing (slowly), she started having breathing problems (very fast breathing). Went back to ICU for 3.5 days. Breathing did not get much better after transfer to normal ward on Sept 28. Doctors say she would not survive should breathing get worse. I decided to start her on XXX in hospital on first day of Hari Raya, October 1.

October 5, the fifth day of XXX. Her breathing had already returned to normal on Oct 3, the third day. You can see that all the tubes (oxygen tube, intravenous feeding tube) except urinal tube have been removed. Her oxygen level is now 97-100%, like you and me.

October 7, the seventh out of nineteen days XXX regime. Every tube removed from body. Self-explanatory.

This is an amazing story that is unfolding . I will not say much now but maybe in 2 weeks time.

Latest: 8th October. R is already on her feet and walking.

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