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The Amazing Unfolding Continues...

I posted earlier a short narration about a sick woman who was in a hopeless situation until fate intervened. Rokiah is having 4th stage colon cancer and today (since 1st October) is still undergoing a 19 day treatment protocol using Vitamin B17 as the main ingredient. I had wanted to wait until after the 19 days to blog details about this heartwarming story but since her husband Randolph @ Ridhwan has a blog, he is documenting the "amazing unfolding" as it is happening now. This is from Ridhwan:

Its Called B17
October 10, 2008 by randolph

I know a lot about B17 and its controversial past. I have heard about the Oasis of Hope hospital in Mexico. I know who Dr. Ernesto Contreras was. But I never expected B17 to be available in Malaysia. That was until I met Cheah, totally by accident, one lonely night in the hospital.

B17 has very likely saved a life.

I am a rational, educated individual. I do not believe in magical cures. I do not believe in voodoo, black or white magic or using helmets to knock the devil out of one’s head. I do not think too highly of bomohs or any medicine man promising a quick cure.

But I believe in B17 because I have personally witnessed, on a day-to-day basis, the almost magical improvement in the health of a person suffering from stage 4 colon cancer.

The Taxing Timeline
October 10, 2008 by randolph

The Ordeal Begins…..

September 4: The long journey from Johor Baru to the hospital near Subang.September 5: Major colon surgery carried out.
September 13: Discharged from hospital.
September 19: Re-admitted, because of wound infection - fluids discharging from wound.
September 20: 2nd operation in a month to re-stitch the wound.
September 25: Developed breathing problems, doctors are concerned. Returned to ICU and will remain there for another 3 1/2 days. Heart rate: 128-130. Oxygen level (with oxygen aid): 96%
September 28: Back to a normal ward, breathing only slightly improved.
September 29: Doctors express grave concern over her continued gasping for air. One even opined that if the breathing gets worse, everybody should be prepared for the worst.
September 30: With almost no medical options left should the breathing become worse, I made a decision, with the approval of her three doctors, to start B17.

There’s Always Another Option…..

October 1: Hari Raya. Started 19-day B17 protocol/regime.
October 2: Breathing improves. Respiratory doctor expresses surprise at her recovery.
October 3: Heart rate drops from 130 to 110. Swelling in arms disappears.
October 4: Breathing without any oxygen aid. Heart rate: 105, oxygen (on her own steam): 98%.
October 5: All tubes removed except urinal tube (drip tube, oxygen tube, intravenous feeding tube).
October 6: Last tube removed (urinal tube). Stand-by surgeon writes “miracle” in medical log.
October 7: Heart rate: 100, oxygen 98-100%. Starts to walk, with assistance.
October 8: Swollen legs (from Sept 1) subsides completely. Continues with walking exercises.
October 9: Primary surgeon says she can be discharged by October 11. I chose to let her stay one more day in hospital, so that the physio can continue with the walking exercises.
October 12: Discharged.

The Pianist in an Orchestra
October 10, 2008 by randolph

The B17 protocol/regime is much more complex than just swallowing apricot seeds. A pianist is usually the highest paid musician in an orchestra, the star of the ensemble. But without the other musicians in the orchestra, the music is not complete. While B17 is the star of the protocol, the treatment is strongly supported by a highly skilled “orchestra”, made up of 20-25 “musicians” - either a vitamin, supplement or nutrition. Together, they work together to finish off any cancer cell in the body.

The Proof is in the Blood
October 10, 2008 by randolph

How does one know whether the B17 protocol/regime works?

Simple, no rocket science here. Take a blood test before the treatment starts. Look out for the cancer markers ( After the treatment, take another blood test. Compare the two. There are only three possible scenarios - situation has become worse, situation is unchanged and situation has improved.

Oh by the way, there’s a fourth scenario. All the markers are back to normal. And you know what that means.

“How did this happen?”
October 11, 2008 by randolph

There are three doctors (and two others with less major roles) who have been attending to Rokiah. The first is the primary surgeon who performed the colon operation. The second is the young surgeon who replaced the primary surgeon when he was on leave for 6 days. The third is the lady respiratory doctor.

It was the young surgeon who on September 30 pulled me aside and told me that Rokiah’s condition was very serious and that “she may not have much time left.” This same surgeon wrote in her medical log a few days later (after the B17 protocol started) that “its a miracle.”

Today, on the eve of her discharge, the doctors made what would be their last visit to Rokiah’s now too familiar hospital bed. The first, the lady doctor, came by when Rokiah was having her breakfast. Besides the usual “how are you today” greeting, she also smiled and knowingly remarked “It’s a miracle, you know.”

The second visitor was the primary surgeon. He came to the ward when the nurse was helping give Rokiah her 9am B17 “medication.” (The B17 regime starts at 7am and ends at 10pm - all in, a total of 9 feedings.) His remark? Nodding to the nurse, the surgeon said “Yes, give her more of that stuff!”

Is this really a miracle?

Time will tell.

Now Read This!
October 10, 2008 by randolph

From the Oasis of Hope hospital:

One of my favorite board games ever is Risk. The object of the game is to conquer the world. You place your armies strategically around the board trying to capture territories held by opposing players, all the while seeking to protect those that you already possess. On the surface, it is a fascinating game of strategy, timing, and quick thinking. Beneath the surface, however, is an even more fascinating game of alliances.

Much like the game of Monopoly, the game of Risk has a reputation for dragging on for days. This is due to the unseen aspect of the game I mentioned. As a player, I noticed that whenever an opponent began to gain momentum, gobbling up surrounding territories, an unspoken alliance was formed between the other players in an attempt to restore balance to the board. If your attempt to win was too heavy-handed, you were sure to face the combined efforts of the rest of the players. Needless to say, heavy-handed attempts to rule the world rarely won the game. Just ask Hitler.

Cancer is heavy-handed. There is nothing subtle at all about the presence of a malignant tumor in your kidney or lung. Cancer makes no attempt to veil its threat. It is a disease that gathers momentum quickly and attacks with frightening ferocity. Only a concerted and combined effort can repel such an attack. This is the principle behind the Metabolic Therapy my father pioneered.

My father believed that to defeat cancer, it was necessary to attack it from every possible angle. He understood the importance of both direct and indirect approaches. The foundation of the Metabolic Therapy is its multi-faceted approach. Yes, we do attack the tumor, but we also stimulate the immune system and address causal factors. Our total care approach requires the patient’s participation. Cancer treatment is not a spectator’s sport. The patient must be prepared for the fight. We go through a process of structuring a patient for success by providing the necessary resources to face the threat at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. There is no question that the alliance between body, mind, and spirit can even the playing field against cancer. In chapters that follow, I will take you through our newest therapies as well as mind/spirit medicine but let me begin with the foundational program my father designed to dismantle cancer’s strongholds. In this chapter, I will share how we can sensitize cancer to treatment, attack the tumor, cut off its supply lines, and take out cancer’s transportation system.

Let´s start with sensitizing the tumor. Did you know that cancer defends itself against attacks? Tumors can become resistant to chemotherapy, radiation or whatever else you throw at it. It would make sense that if you could dismantle cancer’s defenses, you could then take it out, right? What are the ways that cancer defends itself? One way is that tumors encapsulate themselves with blood vessels that are so restricted that antitumor agents can’t get through. Another way is that tumors amass high concentrations of a substance called glutathione. Glutathione is the element that makes tumors resistant to treatment. Is there a way to lower the levels of glutathione in tumors so that they would become sensitized to anticancer treatments? The answer is yes. For glutathione to be produced in the cells, it needs another substance called cysteine. Please continue with me on this trail that it took many years to identify by top researchers. Is there a way to lower the level of cysteine? Yes. Cyanide will deplete the supply of cysteine. But, isn’t cyanide a poison? Cyanide is toxic to our body but it will not make us sick in very low doses derived from a whole food source. You eat cyanide-rich food everyday if you eat apricots, pineapples, apples, or any of the other thousand cyanide-toting foods found in nature. The cyanide in these foods is present in a nutrient called amygdalin. Amygdalin can release cyanide in malignant cells resulting in depleting the supply of cysteine, thus diminishing the intracellular concentration of glutathione. This will sensitize the tumors to antitumor treatments including chemotherapy, Ozone therapy, and UV light.

We also use amygdalin to attack the tumor. The cyanide realeased by amygdalin is one of the best killers of malignant cells as well. Amygdalin has a double punch. It lowers cancers resistance to treatment and it releases cyanide to kill cancer cells directly. If you wish to read the technical explanation of how these two functions of amygdalin occur, please refer to appendices I and II and the end of the book.

If amygdalin can be so helpful, why aren’t more cancer treatment centers using it? The first argument is that it can be toxic because it contains cyanide. The second argument is that it doesn’t work.

Let’s talk about amygdalin’s toxicity first. We have used amygdalin with tens of thousands of patients since the early 1960s. You might say that we know a thing or two about amygdalin which is also known as laetrile and vitamin B17. The cyanide released by amygdalin does not reach toxic levels that can harm or even discomfort patients. But don’t accept my word as the only proof. A famous researcher named June de Spain conducted a laetrile toxicity study that was published in The Little Cyanide Cookbook (Am. Media). She took three groups of rats. Group one was fed white bread. Group two was fed whole wheat bread. Group three was fed laetrile. After three months, 75 percent of rats that were eating white bread were dead. The white bread survivors were at death’s door. The rats that were eating whole wheat bread were in good shape. The rats who were eating laetrile were all alive and in the best condition of the three groups. The conclusion of this FDA sponsored trial was that, “white bread is 70 times more toxic than laetrile.”

No, laetrile/amygdalin presents no risk of toxicity.

What about the argument that laetrile is not effective? We have conducted several prospective clinical trials that demonstrated that amygdalin is quite effective in the combined treatment of the most common and deadly cancers including inoperable lung cancer, advanced prostate cancer, stage IV breast cancer, and colon cancer with liver metastasis. We submitted these studies to several medical journals but they were rejected. Some editors cited that our studies did not have control groups. But it is scientifically valid to conduct a study and compare results with similar studies published in medical journals. That is what we did but we were still denied publication. Other editors stated that our study was not designed properly and that the conclusion was not definitive. Others were quite candid. They rejected the studies because the use of amygdalin was too controversial. I think the third group was honest and I appreciated getting a straight answer from them.

Read the rest of the article here:

If You Can Treat It, Why Cure It?
September 21, 2008 by randolph

When someone close to me was diagnosed with colon cancer very recently, I started to research on cancer. I went to the world’s greatest library - the internet, to look up the current cancer treatments available, and more importantly, the alternative treatments/cures available. It is unfortunate that in this day and age, the obsession with making money has made it confusing for a person looking for a real solution to these illnesses. One can never be sure whether the offered “cure” is real or just another money-making venture.

One very disturbing fact I came across was that the giant pharmaceutical companies, sometimes hand-in-hand with the government, have gone to great extremes to block cures that are not only genuine, but tested to be effective. Why? Because these big companies cannot patent and make money from these cures, since the sources of these cures originate from what God, through nature, has given us.

One such cure originated from Germany and is called the Budwig Diet or Budwig Protocol. I will let the following article do the talking for me. The article was written by an individual who like me, also wanted to know more about Budwig and credit goes to this person for the research done.

If this article has helped someone you love, let me know!


Read the article on Budwig Diet...


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