Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Is The Tun Sounding The Death Knell?

This latest blog posting by Tun Mahathir entitled, "Why Don't I Do Something?" seems to be written with a sense of foreboding and a rather defeated sounding tone. Is he sounding the death knell for UMNO and BN? Does he already know something that we do not yet? Read it yourself:

Why Don't I Do Something?

1. All four computers in my house are somehow not connected to the Internet. I wonder if other people are having the same trouble?

2. I cannot access my blog though I was able to do so this morning. I read some of the comments.

3. I wanted to reply but I can only do so imprecisely from memory.

4. One comment asked me what am I doing about the current situation and my criticisms about it? It also suggested what I should do.

5. I have always been asked to do "something". I had done my best and:

a) I had openly blamed Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and asked him to step down

b) I had criticised his decision on the bridge

c) I have openly accused him of corruption

d) I have told UMNO leaders and members that they are destroying UMNO etc etc

e) I have resigned from UMNO

f) I have spoken about the corruption and the fate awaiting the Malays

g) I have started my blog and you know what I said on the blog

6. For all these, all I got from UMNO leaders were condemnation and abuse. You know what Nazri Aziz said.

7. None of the UMNO leaders have shown any desire to act against Abdullah. Even when he openly practised corruption, except for one division head, nobody else said anything. If anything, Nazri's re-election seem to imply that the majority of UMNO members and the voters in his constituency supported his abuse of me.

8. When I was invited to speak, no UMNO member or leaders would attend. And except for one leader in Perak, none have supported me.

9. My son Mukhriz has not resigned from UMNO. That is because no other leaders or MPs would resign. Without being in UMNO he cannot fight to restore UMNO. He openly told Abdullah to step down after the General Elections in 2008 and also after Permatang Pauh.

10. My son Mokhzani resigned. But who else have resigned? Instead even those who were supposed to be against Abdullah, e.g. the Cheras division head, now pledged their support for him.

11. Privately many said they support me and they want Abdullah to step down. But they are not prepared to say it openly.

12. That was why I started my blog. About six million had visited my blogsite and tens of thousands have commented and supported me.

13. But most appear to be worried and would not give their names. They are usually anonymous. So the support is not effective.

14. I cannot do everything all by myself. I need support. I cannot just go to Dato Seri Abdullah, catch him by the scruff of his neck and throw him out.

15. All things that I should do will need support especially fr
om UMNO. But UMNO and its other leaders are useless. They are only interested in getting something for themselves but do not care if UMNO and this country are totally destroyed.

16. The only thing that the disgruntled UMNO members and other BN supporters could do and did was to vote for the opposition in order to show their displeasure with the party and the Government.

17. But the opposition will also destroy this country if they win and form the Government.

18. A people deserve the Government they get. If they get a bad Government it is because they are unwilling to fight against it, unwilling to take any risk.

19. Abdullah has already destroyed UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the BN. Gerakan is talking about leaving the BN. MCA is more muted but its leaders who used to support Abdullah come what may, have deserted him.

20. Senior members of the MCA, Gerakan and MIC have joined the opposition.

21. In the Permatang Pauh election UMNO and BN members dared not wear shirts with BN or UMNO logo. They dared not put party stickers or flag on their cars. Their rallies were invaded by PKR supporters wearing the party logo and BN and UMNO members were quiet like mice even when the PKR youths shouted "bohong" when Dato Seri Na
jib spoke.

22. Really, the BN is in a sorry state. Not one leader has any gut. I hate to say it but the Permatang Pauh victory by PKR probably sounded the death knell of all the BN parties and the BN.

23. This is the doing of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

24. History will record the failure of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his minion and the founders of the parties and future politicians will curse the leadership of BN through and through.

Rumours are rife on the sms networks but it is probably another telco ruse to get us to spend more money. This is in Malaysian Insider today.

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