Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sponsoring Freedom, Democracy and Bangsa Malaysia

The gathering at Bloghouse last night was good and my friend Wong came along. Wong said it was like watching history in the making as he met for the first time, so many "Blogostars" whom he had only known mainly by their cyber-monickers.

It was a gathering of friends and foe; comrades and strangers; observers and movers; more importantly it was a gathering meant for bloggers. There were both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat members of parliament present in this rojak of a gathering where the rakyat took centre stage. Among others, Raja Petra Kamarudin was asked to speak and he managed to capture the essence of what the gathering and All Blogs is about. In a nutshell, his message was about maturity, about how Malaysians must emulate the spirit in All Blogs where political and personal differences should not hinder interaction and cooperation; where the "if you are not my friend; then you are my enemy" mentality makes you a pariah in your own world.

What I found the most interesting last night was not so much the "apolitics", the personalities nor the ambience but the corporate sponsors for the gathering. The willingness of LG, Air Asia, Genting Berhad, Guinness Anchor Bhd, just to name a few, to sponsor the event and All Blogs paints a very positive picture. Corporate Malaysia is finally "out of the closet" and All Blogs is recognized as a force in Malaysian society.

Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!!!


A Voice said...

I was there Cheah.

I believe if we interact more as kids in school, at work, in neighbourhood and etc, we will solve many issues.

The ideological differences does not matter but only kept within the realm of politics and academia.

Many of us Malays believe that we should do away with "ugama" schools that segregate kids from other communities.

But we need to see vernacular schools end and integrate into a singular school system.

Lets have multilanguages taught in schools. Malays have option to pick up Chinese dan Tamil in school.

NEP has always been criticise for its economics but many refuse to acknowledge that the bigger aim of NEP is about racial unity and cutting down the differences and limited social interactions between races.

mob1900 said...

Blog house, one of the last bastion where we came as Malaysians regradless of race, religion and parties.

Let's keep cultivating this good.

KS Cheah said...

Hi "A Voice"

I could not agree with you more.

On the matter of vernacular schools; even as a chinese I tend to be uncomfortable with the chinese-school types and I suppose it's vice versa.

Social re-engineering must start with the young 'uns and therefore the education system. So far, for all his damage controlling after the fact, Krishamuddin has not shown the guts nor gumption to come up with a Bangsa Malaysia Education System masterplan. In his widely publicized "soul searching" after GE12 he claimed that he is for the greater good of the rakyat. What better way forward than to listen to the rakyat now?