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UPDATE: 6th May 2008. Encounters With Death - Altantuya: Another Father's Consternation

Update (6th May 2008): RPK to be charged under the Sedition Act this morning so I will replace his article here with a URL. If even a hyperlink is wrong then nothing about this whole Sedition thingy is right. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word sedition as:

"noun [mass noun]: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch."

Judging from the buzz in cyberspace, it appears there will be huge public outcry because of this latest action by the government. By definition of the word, sedition, I wonder whose action contributes more towards "inciting people to rebel...".

Talking about right or wrong, I have just contributed something towards RPK's bail. Anyone who wants to do the same please check out:

The irony is that the bank account stated is a CIMB account. A true example of knowing how to keep issues separate.

Update (2nd May 2008): RPK was interviewed by Police today for his article that I cut and pasted here. Apparently he is being investigated under the Sedition Act (the Sedition Act?) and has to have his statement recorded at the balai at 4.00 pm today. So what do I do? Remove this post from my blog? Wait to see the outcome of what is unfolding? Wait for outcome of Altantuya case? Wait to be hauled up? Sheeeesh!


Last week I read in the newspapers (being stupid again, I guess) that Dr Setev Shaariibuu had just arrived again in KL and it was reported that although he was upset at first, he was satisfied with the explanations given by the AG's Chambers about the trial delays. Refer to the Bernama report (22nd April) below:

The funny thing is that almost nothing had been heard about Altantuya's father the last few months and there was even speculation that the silence had been paid for. That speculation got me upset for the fact that I too have a daughter, and if indeed a deal was struck then Dr Setev Shaariibuu would deserve to join his daughter in C4land!

The above was obviously not the case. He was not happy with the way the trial is being conducted and the apparent unnecessary delays. This time around he is like a bat out of hell (whose hell?) and his press conference on Friday, 25th April at the PKR office says what needs to be said. Apparently our government is not of the habit of replying letters from other governments. If indeed Mongolia cuts diplomatic ties with Malaysia for the reasons that it says it will, China might as well support its vassal state and do likewise; afterall isn't the Malaysian pot calling the China kettle black on Human/Civil rights violations? Check out this video:

I believe these postings are of relevance:

Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell

Subsequently, the DPM's Press Secretary, Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad sent the following letter to Malaysia Today:

RPK's reply to Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad is found here:

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