Sunday, 17 February 2008

Another Friday Evening At Sid's Pub (17th February, 2008)

Having missed the pre-CNY gathering at Suet Fun's place, Capt Azmi suggested this post-CNY piss up at Sid's Pub again. Elizebeth organized it yet showed up late and conveniently blamed Alzheimer's for almost forgetting the date. On the other hand, Mike (who also missed the pre-CNY) really outdid himself this time.

We have moved from sambal belacan to caviar and "foie gras" in just one session at Sid's. Progress or regression I wonder?

The following posts in the Old Edwardians eGroup by Mike and Harjit tell the story; the phonecam photos are expectedly grainy.

Mike Naser said:

Dear friends,

I arrived at Sid's at 1930 hrs sharp. There was Ah Kooi who has bought a bunch of vadeh for all of us. Really, only a Tepin boy will do it. Shortly after the eloquent bon vivant and raconteur extraordinaire, Azmi Radzi, arrived in a tattered Padi Planter's hat. Almost immediately, he denied that not all airline pilots carried pedophile porno in their laptops. He carried Quranic verses in his. We thought that was really dangerous as he could be locked up in NY or LA as an Al-Qaeda member.

He asked me, "Mike, what do you carry in yours?" Answer. "The psalms of Nabi Daud. For Instance. Drinketh thou plentyth wine, thou shall not suffer infirmities".

Quiet Jetey and the ebullient Ah Swee arrived. Ah Swee had just had a hair-cut at a Hindraf Barber shop and smelling of Bayrum. He announced with pride that he had lost weight over the CNY by 0.13 kg. Not bad.

Then, the evergreen Liz turned up and sat beside me. That turned me on so I said, "You look terrific and I love your Opium." Answer, " Don't BS Mike, its Chanel Numero Cinq". Even I can make mistakes.

Shahrin and his wife Elita arrived. Shahrin was peering through his bottle-top specs at Ah Swee whose face, by then, had the pigmentation of a roasted prawn and my beady eyes were reminiscent of my Chink background. Azmi continued as a dazzling raconteur.

Much to my pleasure, I discovered that Elita was the daughter of Col Eddie Elias, RMC grad, PhD Informatics and commissioned in the Corps of Engineers. He was my squash, rugby and diving mate. A good soldier and scholar. His daughter, Elita, is beautiful with hidung mancung. Great to meet her.

Finally, Miss St. Mary's, Susan, came in breathtakingly exotic. She was late. Apparently, she went quietly for a bowl of Bah-kut-teh somewhere. Her darling husband does not eat porko. But, inexplicably, I was confidentially told that he osculated her with ferocity on the lips after she had taken two bowls of Bah-kut-teh. Like all men with machismo, at this moment critique, haram/halal masuk lungkang.

It was a good night imbibing over tiger/tigress frivolities and Ah Swee controlling events. It is from these small meetings that we develop a bigger thing for the semangat of the harimau. We must carry on.

Cheers and thanks. Lovely night.


Harjit Singh (Jetey) said:


It was a good night. You fed all of us with caviar, black and orange, liver pate of geese and a host of delicacies from Tehpeng (or its suburban areas like Pinang). You were a gentleman explaining why you wouldn't drink a beer at 5AM before slugging miserable boars who turned up early as if they were Obamas ready for glory. I respect that.

Nevermind if your pate was mislabelled so long as Capt Azmi and Elita found it to be the best bite they ever had; really, there's vely little difference between a pig and a duck in the year of the RAT.

Never mind if Liz turned up late and left early as long as she brought her own half bottle of wine she had difficulty in ploughing through.

Never mind Capt Azmi's randy hands ploughing all over Susan's you-know-what, but I suppose thats what it takes to keep the aircraft steady.

Never mind Patmanathan's early exit on the pretext of answering a phone call as if he was scheduled for another MIC rally.

Never mind the fact that MAS pilots left the cockpit attended to by Mat Rempits (who were given a better performing machine to keep them out of mischief) so long as they were praying for you.

Never mind if the monkeys in Kinabatangan thought that Bung Mokhtar was their saviour and gave him his mercedes on my tax money.

Never mind. I'll be there the next time we plan to meet again. This time Jetey won't be so quiet.


cheesecake said...

yeahhh...somebody's got to answer for that "goose liver pate"! Ignorance was bliss...until we found out! Urrgghh!!! I had!

Luv, Elita

KS Cheah said...

I can testify to the ignorance bit....I was clueless too and that does not happen very often ;o)

M.N.taib said...

Coz of the powerful lobby of the Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals the French can no longer forcefully stuff thier geese with food to achieve huge livers. Its done in N.Sumatra. Similarly, escargot is bred there.You can buy kosher foie gras @ RM 37.00 per small can @ Uncle Ho's Boutique in Bangsar Shopping Center. Otherwise, you can make chicken liver pate, which I do, @ home very easily and keep in the fridge for some time. I can extend the recipe.