Sunday, 7 October 2007

Trying To Make Sense Of It All (II)

Read this book last week after picking it out from the shelves in Kinokuniya. It has been about 30 years since I read Dr Raymond Moody's "Life After Life" and I must say, the subject of "what lies after" has been examined with so much more depth and width that it makes Moody's ground breaking book seem like kindergarten material.

Dr Michael Newton's study and findings are not from NDE cases (near death experience) but from hypnosis techniques that reach into the supersubconscious level of subjects. The presentation of his conclusions are well laid out; taking the reader through 29 case studies, each a source of postulations and its own rationalization which collectively prescribe a plausible exemplar of the existence, nature and quest of the soul. The title of the book is apt in that we are shown why in many ways the "journey" is both the mission and the reason for existence, of souls.

This book certainly adds to my growing knowledge on the subject. Trying to make sense of it all drives my search through the empirical, the esoteric and the philosophical until I can finally blog my own conclusions here. I have also just picked up the second book on the subject by the same author. "Destiny of Souls" should be another interesting read.

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