Wednesday, 23 May 2007

More on Bangsa Malaysia: Bringing Malaysian Politics Closer to Home

Another posting in my e-group dated August, 2005 ironically just in time for Merdeka Day. Now almost 2 years later, we see the government adjusting to the information juggernaut.


Dear All,

I believe we have to give credit where credit is due and by this I mean the Preacher Man. He had promised greater latitude in the freedom of expression and now I see many, many exhibitions of this. Opposition MPs are given air time albeit for now, only as panelists or in debates with luminaries of the ruling establishment. This would be unheard of one year ago! Mind you, I am no supporter of DAP or Keadilan for that matter but I strongly believe that true accountability and transparency can only be if there is freedom of expression; let the people decide what to filter.

A few years ago, we would all be put behind bars for voicing counter-political opinions on a restricted egroup let alone blaring out to the public at large. The spirit in our little egroup is freedom of expression at the same time being mindful and respectful of each others opinions. We can talk from matters most trivial to matters that impact our daily lives and it is hoped that we can enrich our respective existence along the way. No, we hope not to be relegated to inane chatter that is worth nothing more than a tick on a porcine butt.

Now there are so many hundreds of websites on Malaysian matters alone! Malaysiakini was a forerunner but now it has lost much of its flavor since becoming a “subscription only” site. The opinions, expressions and “disclosures” contained in these sites have forced mainstream media to move slightly (for a start) away from traditional bias. Some of these sites are even sponsored by ruling political personalities for their own spin. Our government can only “hide in plain sight” and more and more closeted liberals are beginning to surface. The days of being blind sided by unscrupulous, self-serving politicians are increasingly numbered.

Granted that the propagandists are working overtime to buffer any ill effects of this new paradigm on the status quo of the incumbents, the overall effect can only be good for the country. We are in the Information Age and there is no stopping the information juggernaut. The www amongst other media has indeed paved the way, and blogs together with other www tools have ensured the emergence of the Fifth Estate! The buzz word is DISCERN.

I have a gut feeling that our beloved country is at a threshold; that there is an imminent “tidal wave” that will sweep away old conventions and prejudices and set the country on a new track of reification, claiming our rightful place in the new world order. This is not a sign of proclivity towards a pathetic euphoria based on an erroneous premise nor am I a hopeless optimist! I am hopeful! I am an Edwardian from Taiping and what my school taught me was never to give up easily. I yearn for the “colorblind” days at school where my rival was across the drain regardless of whether he was Malay, Chinese or Indian. I am a Malaysian when in other countries but a Chinese in my own country! I want to die a Bangsa Malaysia!

Happy Merdeka Day!!!!!


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