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Chapter Five: Orientation

CHAPTER FIVE: Orientation (Cases 11, 12 & 13)

After those entities who meet us during our homecoming have dispersed, we are ready for the next two stops which involve the soul’s orientation to the spiritual environment. First stop is to be taken to a place of healing. This is followed by another stop at a place we are often examined by our guide.

1. Since we are dealing with a non-physical spiritual universe, for convenient identification, we refer to all spiritual locations as places, or spaces.

2. The similarity of descriptions among subjects of what they do as souls at the two combined stops is remarkable (although they do have different names for them).

3. Think of the healing station (place) as a field hospital for damaged souls coming in from Earth’s battlefields.

Case 11:

“After I leave the friends who greeted me…I am alone or a while…moving through large distances…I am being guided by a force I can’t see, into a more enclosed space – an opening into a space of pure energy. For me…it is the vessel of healing.”

“I am propelled in and I see a bright warm beam…it is absorbed into me and I am bathed and cleansed from my hurts…I am alone, but the beam is directed…my essence is being bathed…restoring me after my exposure to Earth”

“No, I don’t have a physical body anymore but this energy shower can heal by reaching into…my being. I am tired from my last life and with the body I had…
the ravages of the physical body and the human mind leaves and emotional mark on the soul after death…each body leaves…an imprint…on you, at least for a while…even though you are free from the physical body forever…you keep some of the outstanding memories of your bodies in certain lives”

“I am suspended in the light…it permeates through my being…washing out most of the negative…
it allows me to let go of the bonds of my last life…bringing about my transformation so I can become whole again.”

“When I am restored, I leave here and go to a quiet place to talk to my guide.”

1. The shower of healing is only a prelude for the rehabilitation of the returning souls.

2. The orientation stage which immediately follows (especially with younger souls), involves a substantial counseling session with one’s guide. The newly refreshed soul arrives at this station to undergo a debriefing of the life just ended.

3. Orientation is also designed as an intake interview to provide further emotional release and readjustment back into the spirit world. Guides are gentle but probing. Think of a firm but concerned entity who knows all about your learning habits, your strong and weak points, and your fears, who is always ready to work with you as long as you continue to try. When you don’t try, everything remains stationary in your development.

4. Nothing can be hidden by students from their spiritual teachers. No subterfuge or deception exists in a telepathic world.

5. There are a multitude of differences in orientation scenes. These depend upon:

(a) The soul’s individual makeup and

(b) Their state of mind after the life just ended.

6. The desire of higher forces is to bring comfort to the returning soul.

Case 12:

“At the center of this place I found my bedroom…where I was so happy as a child…my grandmother and I used to have heart-to-heart chats whenever I was troubled…and she is here too…sitting on the edge of my bed…after a while I see she is actually my guide Amephus. I talk to Amephus about the sad and happy times of the life I have finished…I know I made mistakes, but she is so kind to me…then we discussed all the things I didn’t do that I might have done with my life…but in the end it’s okay…she knows I must rest in this beautiful world…I don’t care if I ever go back to Earth again…my real home is here”

1. Apparently, the more advanced souls do not require orientation at this stage.

2. Intake interviews for the advanced souls are conducted with master teachers later.

3. The less experienced entities are usually given special attention by counselors because the abrupt transition from the physical to a spiritual form is more difficult for them.

4. Everybody is held accountable for their past lives. Performance is judged upon how each individual interpreted and acted upon their life roles.

Case 13:

This subject underwent a more in-depth therapeutic spiritual orientation. Guides typically explore the attitudes and feelings with a view to re-orientate future behavior.

She was a strong, imposing woman of 32 whose problems fell into three parts. First she was dissatisfied with life as a successful real-estate broker as being too materialistic and unfulfilling. She also felt she lacked feminine sexuality. In addition, she complained of headaches on the right side of her head above the ear, which after extensive medical examinations, doctors had attributed to stress.

This subject had experienced a recent series of male lives, culminating with a short life as a prosecuting attorney called Ross Feldon during the 1880s. As Ross, the subject had committed suicide at the age of thirty-three by shooting himself in the head. Ross was in despair over the direction of his life had taken as a courtroom prosecutor. be continued

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