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When Bodohlah tabled the MCAC and JAC Bills in December last year amidst all HIS OWN fanfare I was not too impressed. Now that he has been put to pasture, his MCAC (MACC) legacy appears to have morphed into the monster that it always had the potential to become. My comments here and here. I hope you are proud now Bodohlah!!

Art Harun's post describes something similar to Frankenstein...err...Macckenstein. The questions that he posed begs answering but no one should hold their breath! Please read:

I am outraged!!!

I was having a meeting at Bangsar when I received a text message at about 5pm yesterday about the death of Teoh Beng Hock. He was found dead, apparently "on the roof of an adjoining building next to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s building."

To say that MACC has been independent all these while is like saying Pam Anderson has not done a silicon job. It has been known and seen to move with lightning speed in cases involving opposition leaders as well as UMNO leaders who are not in the right camp. At a whiff of anything resembling an iota of wrongdoing, they would raid, arrest and interrogate all and sundry. But if, and only if, the people involved are from the "other side" of the fence.

But when the luminaries involved are from the government side, they would just sit still, like an elephant on tranquilisers. Look at the palatial mansion issue. Not a word from MACC. Contrast that to the hari raya korban cows issue. They did not only investigated. They even passed judgment in full public view even before the AG had the chance to look at the Investigation Papers!

And what about the Linggam Tape findings made by the Royal Commission? No statement. No hurry. No nothing. NFA, said the Minister. Who was interviewed? Who was arrested for taking statements? Was there interrogations until 3.45 am? None of course.

Teoh was not a suspect. And yet he was interrogated mercilessly from 5pm to 3.45am. Why the needs to do so? Can't witnesses be treated with dignity, if not respect? Was he going to run away? Can't he be asked respectfully to come to the office during office hours and interviewed in a civil manner? After all, if he was a witness, his testimony would be helpful and of assistance to MACC.

There are more questions than answers in this whole debacle. Life is cheap in Malaysia. That is quite obvious.

My questions are:

  • why would a young man who was to be married in a day's time commit suicide?
  • why must he, who was not a suspect, be interrogated mercilessly from 5pm to 3.45am?
  • why was he allowed to remain in MACC's office after he was released?
  • are members of the public ordinarily allowed to be in MACC's office in the wee hours of the morning without supervision? Wouldn't this run contrary to the security of MACC, its officers and all data in MACC's office and custody?
  • are members of the public, especially those who have been interrogated, ordinarily allowed to sleep on a settee in MACC's office unsupervised in the wee hours of the morning or any hours for that matter?
  • are members of the public, especially those who have been interrogated, ordinarily allowed to wander around aimlessly in MACC's office unsupervised?
  • why was Teoh allowed to do all of the above?
  • why wasn't Teoh told to go home and not remain in MACC's office as it is a security area?
  • what happened to CCTV cameras in MACC's office (I presume there will be a hell of a lot of them)
  • how come nobody noticed where Teoh, a total stranger to MACC and its officers, was?
  • Where was the security guard?
And look at the picture. Teoh's pants are torn. Why?

Why Art? Someone played his back?

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