Friday, 17 July 2009

Permanent Head Damage

When a Bodohlah is conferred a PhD albeit an honorary one I wonder who is the one with the permanent head damage. The moron came out from wherever hole he was hiding in to attend the special convocation ceremony and stuck both feet in his mouth AGAIN!!!

He had the cheek to call for repeal of the ISA! Here is someone who was PM for 5 years till April this year and it is July now...just after 100 days ago! Why did he not repeal the ISA on his watch? How then can he seriously expect his successor to take him seriously on this. Seriously! Isn't it for shiok sendiri only!?! It may have been forgiveable if he had said, "I should have repealed the ISA when I was PM" rather than this apparent attempt to seek absolution by seemingly admitting he was indeed a lame duck PM.

Some things just do not change...still talking cock for effect only. Pak Lah, just take your toilet paper and just go lah!!!

This was in Malaysiakini today:

Pak Lah calls for repeal of ISA
Jul 17, 09 2:07pm

Former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called on the government to consider abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA) which allows for detention without trial.

He said the draconian security law - which has drawn negative views - should be replaced with a new legislation that allows for preventive detention and at the same time protects fundamental rights.

He said the ISA perhaps provides enormous powers and scope, which he felt could be too wide-ranging, in determining what constitutes threats to national security.

"As a former home minister, I had signed numerous ISA detention orders, and with the government reviewing the law now, I feel compelled to give my honest view on the matter," he explained.

However, Abdullah noted that Malaysia still needs a preventive detention mechanism to ensure the security of the nation is preserved.

The former premier said this in his speech at a special convocation ceremony where he was conferred an hononary PhD in Democracy at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Kedah.

"Whether we like it or not, the ISA has been stigmatised as a negative element to the agenda of strengthening democracy and renewal in the country. "So, this calls for the government to be brave to discard the old and open a new chapter," he was quoting as saying by Bernama.

Government must be courageous (As opposed to him being gutless?)

Abdullah believed that the government must be courageous to bring about such change (abolishing the ISA) as its commitment to the agenda of democratic renewal in the country.

"I believe this is the transformation that the people are expecting, as a preventive measure should not sacrifice fundamental human rights or to be misused for a political objective."

Perhaps one solution is to limit the scope of preventive detention to certain threats only or to draw up a new Act specifically to prevent terrorist activities, hence reducing the chances of abuse of power for a political interest," he said.

On the conferment of the honorary PhD on him today, Abdullah said he viewed it as a recognition from the academia on the vision, approaches and methods, as well as the democratic philosophy of his administration.


iriene said...

Tks for sharing! Do drop by when u r online!

ruyom said...

When you believe in God, you would value life! These Umno idiots claim to have faith but don't value one's life, where will they end up in after life! God judge!

aston said...

Najib is the son of bitch and he is also scrap of the earth! He definitely will get the punishment from God!

Hon said...

I have no words to describe all those idiots, investigating the officers and the BN government.

I cried for all Malaysians because I don't see any hope that our nation can give any future to our next generations to come!