Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What Drives The Tun?

The following post was extracted from Tun Mahathir's "Che Det" blog. Personally, I have wondered about Tun's state of mind recently and his latest blog post adds to the doubts.

In it, he not only shows the continued seething disdain for his appointed successor (that Sleepy Head Bodowi) but also points obliquely at the BN culture and lack of transparency/accountability which has cost the nation billions in leakages.

Is his mind still sound? Does he realize he could well be sounding the death knell for his own beloved UMNO especially when he ended the blogpost with the words, "Wither Malaysia?"? His colleagues in UMNO may be more comfortable if he shuts up about Block L & Block M and the Limbang Limbo lest the Rakyat shout TREASON!

What more, he has added the earlier alleged RM270 billion to the Limbang tab to make it half a trillion ringgit.

Please read for yourself:


1. I am glad that Petronas is going to take part in the exploration and production of the two blocks we surrendered to Brunei. That still does not mean we will get much out of the deal.

2. Wisma Putra should make public the full contents of the agreement signed last year. When we give up what belongs to the people really, the people have a right to know. After all, Abdullah's Government made a point about being transparent, implying of course that the previous Government was not transparent. So let us see transparency in this decision to surrender the peoples' heritage. If as it is claimed we have not lost much, let us know how much is not much.

3. At the present price of USD83 per barrel (RM249.00), one billion barrels would yield USD 83 billion or RM249 billion. Forget the likelihood that the oil price would increase in future, how much would we get from Petronas' involvement in the production.

4. The question as to what happened to the RM270 billion that Petronas paid to Abdullah's Government has not been answered.

5. His apologists will say that I am being petty, that I lost billions too. But concern over a total of over RM500 billion not accounted for or lost cannot be considered petty.

6. The Malaysian public is very forgiving. When my questions are met with "elegant silence", that is the end of the story.

7. Whither Malaysia?

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