Saturday, 1 May 2010

CK Has Gone Home...

My friend Loh Cheng Kiat (CK) passed away at 3.00 am this morning. CK had been battling pancreatic cancer for about two years.

When I last met him in February this year, he had returned from cryo-surgery in China and just discharged from Pantai Medical Center after a bout of dehydration. 

The CK I met then had been physically ravaged by the cancer but mentally he was still the giant of a man that we know. He told me his body system had all but shut down when he was in Pantai but the doctors somehow managed to "re-boot" his system. CK the IT man had not lost his sense of humor!

The CK I know was a generous man whose charity often extended to things more than the pecuniary. He seemed to have a compunction to want to give back more than what life had bestowed on him.

The CK I spoke to in February was a man at peace with life. He mentioned he had had an up-lifting spiritual experience in the hospital and his departed mother had appeared to comfort him. I somehow felt it would be the last time I would see my friend CK but I felt glad to have met CK in the spirits that he was then. He had reconciled himself to himself.    

To Irene, Ivan and Jacy, there are no words I can offer that can console you at this time as nothing can fill that void in your hearts. I can only say time is a great healer. 

CK, you have left the pain behind and I am glad you are once again... Home.

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