Monday, 26 April 2010

1725 At A High Cost But Who Will Pay The Price?

Just got back from Kuala Kubu Baru a few hours ago. 1725 majority is not a clear endorsement no matter how the victors would want to blow their horn; for all intents and purposes it was a "buy-election".

On the 10th of April, someone invited me to join Haris Ibrahim and his gang of social activists to help campaign in Hulu Selangor. I turned down the invite and this was my reply:

Hi S,

Thanks for the invite to be at Hulu Selangor but I will give this one a skip. Maybe it may be expedient to “conserve energy” for the “Big One” expected around 2013. In my humble opinion I suspect Hulu Selangor has already been decided and the margin this time will be more than 198 one way or the other. But both sides are in a dilemma.

The BN dilemma is well publicized and it fears an implosion because of internal issues. The PR dilemma is that if it does not field Zaid, we might as well all stay home. But if PR decides to field Zaid, I hope a possible defeat would not be deemed a rejection of Zaid, the man. Zaid is needed for bigger things. It’s a chess game actually; playing the Queen too early tends put it at risk but there could be a chance to win at mid-game. Perhaps it is good for the PR soul if it loses again this time. Obviously that would be a boon for the Hulu Selangor residents what with the usual goodies being promised by BN.



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Randolph said...

Well said, political commentator stuff! Certainly a better prediction than the 6000 vote win by the DPM.