Monday, 1 November 2010

De Facto; De Factee? De Fuckto; De Fucktee?

What is a de facto leader in a democracy? Wikipedia says: De facto is a Latin expression that means "by [the] fact". In law, it means "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law" or "in practice or actuality, but without being officially established".

So we are told that Anwar Ibrahim is the de facto leader of PKR. That means he was not voted in as the leader but is actually the leader of PKR. What does that make democracy? It makes the democracy that PKR sings about, de fuckto! The PKR President is Wan Azizah and she sleeps with the de fuckto PKR leader, Anwar for obvious reasons. So is she the de fucktee President? 

What is the point of having a national internal polls when ultimately even the President answers to a de facto shadow?

Anyway, PKR "de factee" Ezam Nor finally makes some sense below. Be sure you watch the Popteevee "Effing Show" segment too.

PKR ruckus: 'Anwar must take full blame'
SAT, 30 OCT 2010 11:07
By Hawkeye

GUA MUSANG: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is squarely to be blamed for the present ruckus in PKR because he does not want to assume the party's president post.

His former confidant, Senator Ezam Mohd Nor, said Anwar's indecisiveness about formally taking over the party's reins has sparked a jostling for top posts within PKR.

"Yes! if you ask me, I think Anwar has to take the blame. He has to be accountable for the current infighting in PKR. I doubt the party can close ranks as there are simply too many personalities with a different agenda and diverse political ideologies," Ezam said on the sidelines of the Galas state by-election campaign.

The former PKR Youth head claimed that Anwar's sole ambition was to become prime minister so much so that the latter has become blinded to the spat among the various leaders as they jockeyed for positions in PKR's national internal polls.

Anwar only sees PKR as a short-term strategy as his ultimate goal is to become prime minister, Ezam said, adding that the former deputy prime minister could join DAP or PAS just to realise his aim.

He has set a bad precedent such as when he went around claiming that by Sept 16, 2008, the Barisan Nasional-led federal government would be toppled and Pakatan Rakyat would be able to take over, Ezam said.

This has caused PKR leaders, including newcomers such as Pakatan coordinator Zaid Ibrahim, to fall victim to excessive jostling in the quest for top posts, as the other leaders believe that PKR can take over Putrajaya now, Ezam said.

"Anwar should put a stop to it by claiming the president's post to indicate that he is sincere in leading the party and to stop showing favoritism to vice-president Azmin Ali.

“Azmin is an ambitious politician so he does not care who he steps on, including his fellow PKR comrades. I saw this coming just weeks after Anwar was released from jail (after his Sodomy I trial)."

Ezam claimed he tried to warn other leaders but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

"I quit out of frustration as I saw PKR was losing its original ideology. It was only interested in short-term gains at the expense of its future."

Today, many leaders in the party are only hankering after positions while the grassroots members are a restless lot as Anwar has apparently poisoned their minds with a lust for immediate power at the expense of good governance, Ezam said.

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