Thursday, 28 October 2010

Painful, But Give Her A Break Will You...

Garth Brooks may not feel flattered by this rendition of his 1989 hit but give her a break will you! I am sure she sings better than at least half the population of Negri Sembilan and she must think she renders "If Tomorrow Never Comes" well enough to produce this karaoke cover version:


No one should fault Rosmah for serenading her Man although her choice of song may have been better. She is after all human and if she were not "The First Lady" but an ordinary Malaysian wife, then viewers of this now infamous You Tube may even be kinder and give her bouquets instead of brickbats for her efforts as a wife adulating her husband.

But the fact remains, she IS the wife of the current Prime Minister and people will not look at her any other way. I tried  searching You Tube for another rendition by an ordinary singer to compare Rosmah's effort but after only finding a Lulu duet with Ronan Keating, I gave up looking for another women's version of the song. Looks like the consensus is that the song is meant to be sung by a man to a woman. Anyway, this karaoke version may be the most fair to compare against Rosmah's version.


My beloved Jeannie would never sing me a song like "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and her favorite song dedication to me was Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" which I unfortunately do not have on video record. Anyway, this old recording was in Fraser Hill years ago. Man In The Net anyone?

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