Monday, 7 June 2010

What Truly Happened With MV Mavi Marmara? Is The Truth With Our Own Witnesses? Is It Out There?

I have seen some horrendous Middle East war footages where civilians are the main victims and do not condone atrocities by both sides. Perhaps the hate is so deep the fine line between right and wrong is forever blurred in the region. There is no longer a who is right and who is wrong. In fact, I am as confused as Anwar and Najib which side of the Israeli/Jew/Zionist line I want to stand with.

With the attack of the Gaza Aid Flotilla, my initial reaction was that whoever the Israeli military hawk who ordered the attack, he should be brought to trial. I thought it was some trigger-happy Israeli commander who caused it but at the back of my mind I knew this was unlikely for the well drilled Israeli armed forces.

Then I read this report in the Malaysian Mirror which quoted a Malaysian witness as saying they had initially captured three Israeli soldiers. Hellloooo...who attacked first ar? Now, somebody better tell the truth before we have to send our "best Oxford brains" to take on Israel and save the world!

My curiosity coupled with some e-mails that began to show up made me do a web search. These are some of the things that are glaring:

This first video tries to show the situation in Gaza. Can someone verify what exactly is going down in Gaza? Are the Palestinians really suffering of hunger, medically, etc., etc?

This next video tries to explain what happened on MV Mavi Marmara that fateful day:

Then there is this little musical clip that is a refreshing new propaganda tool. If only conflicts can be settled not through war but through musicals!

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