Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Stolen F5E Engine..."Kecik, Kecik, Lembu Jaga..."

The missing RM50,000,000 F5E jet engine apparently disappeared during PM Najib's watch as Defense Minister. So how now?

I am sure Najib did not steal it himself but the confusing disclosures recently about a brigadier general and his 40 thieves...oops! men, add more questions than answers. They were apparently just asked to leave service early! If they were really guilty and managed to sell the engine for even say RM10 million, they would have gladly left. Why a mere slap on the wrist? Read blogger Syed Akbar Ali; he has more pertinent questions.

This reminds me of the parody about our Bhais that is so familiar to most Malaysians; "...kecik, kechik, lembu jaga, sudah besar...bank jaga". In this case, "...kechik, kecik, Defense jaga, sudah besar...Negara jaga". So how now?

Now, another blogger DrRafick talks about 45 missing Skyhawks...so what is one measly F5E engine eh!?! If this is the tip, I shudder to think how big the iceberg is! So how now?

"...kecik, kecik, lembu jaga..."

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