Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bangsa Malaysia Evening At Colonel Mike's

My good buddy Colonel Mike Naser Taib invited a few of us to a pre-Christmas dinner at his home last night. It was a truly Bangsa Malaysia evening and as usual, the food was great! A Bangsa Malaysia menu with rojak buah and fresh garden salad, miang kham, NZ mussels in Penang curry sauce, fresh oysters, roast turkey, chicken soup ala' Penang, and more! The chilled unfermented (no yeast) toddy was a good first drink. Needless to say, there were many choices for booze.

I don't think there was a Christian amongst us last night! Well, maybe Bernard Khoo. These phonecam pictures tell the story:

1 comment:

Elita said...

hey! I know Colonel Shafique too! hahaha..

p/s the food makes my tummy growling lah!