Monday, 28 December 2009


I have not met Kit Leee @ Antares in person but I see him very often on the www. We appear to have many mutual friends and acquaintances.

Antares has for the last few days been fighting for dear life stricken with malaria.

Judging from the number of well-wishers on the internet, he must have managed to really touch the hearts and minds of thousands with his presence in cyberspace...all this mainly from Pertak, a small little orang asli settlement near Kuala Kubu Baru.

Incidentally, he emailed me a couple of weeks back when he chanced upon
Jeannie's blog and memorial website. I reproduce here with his partial permission some excerpts that show Antare's heart in the right place.


Comment made in Jeannie's blog:

Antares said...
I only came to know about this inspiring incarnation of the Great Goddess through leaving a comment on KS Cheah's blog. What an amazing lady Jeannie was - and what a loving husband and children she was blessed with! Well, I won't have the pleasure of meeting Jeannie now, but perhaps one of these days I shall meet the rest of her delightful family.

E-Mail submission from Jeannie's memorial website:

Name: Antares

Email Address:

Subject Infinite blessings on you and your family

Your Permission To Reproduce Message? YES


K.S., I've chanced upon your blog a few times and noticed the lovely portrait of Jeannie on the sidebar. But till today I wasn't prompted to explore further. Having read a bit about her life and her early departure from this plane on 12 July 2007, I feel a deep sense of loss for having never met her, for I'm quite sure we would have been good friends. Nevertheless, you and your beloved children are alive and well and the option to meet not only exists but can be quite easily arranged. I'd like to invite you (and any of your children who are interested) to visit me at #21 Kg Pertak -an Orang Asli resort located at the far end of the Selangor Dam lake off the Fraser's Hill road. It's only 75 mins drive from KL and day trips are no problem - and if you like, you're welcome to experience...


Get well soon Antares...the majick river awaits.

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