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Of Speaking Bahasa And Racism

This comment and picture was posted in my alumni eGroup in the usual no holds barred Tiger fashion:

"Hi all,

Am attaching an interesting article from the Sun on 17th Apr 09. I am sure that everybody in this egoup can write, read and speak good Bahasa. If there is unfortunately anyone who cannot do so, please attend night classes and make yourself proficient. I suggest that those who are ignoranus of Bahasa and wants to be that way shud think of leaving the country, although its not big deal. Go and live in France, Japan or Switzerland, you will find your Hokkien or Tameel very helpful!!"

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One of the comments to the above came from famed communist fighter Tiger Dato' Seri Yuen Yuet Leng as follows:

Dear All,

We have selfish racist bigots in every community who see everything with only one eye. Those with and see with two eyes they call them freaks. Forget about ethnicity which is basically a mirage of the skin for below that mantle of colour, creed and religion we are organically all the same. Take it closer subjectively nearer to our personal self. If the majority of our own precious children have only one eye do we have to go to the surgeon to remove one eye from our other children with two eyes because it must be the rule by majority within the family as those with two eyes are freaks. When they go overseas with only one eye they wonder why they are the centre of attraction in borrowed emperor's garb. I remember in 1963 when I was in the US for the first time, in Washington on official government business, I saw a swaggering expensively dressed young African complete with bowler hat, walking the streets twirling his fitting black umbrella thinking he was still performing on a Black and White Minstrels Show on Broadway. Although gazed in wonderment by both black and white, he just saw what he could only see with one eye - deceptive recognition and identity. That is our national dilemma now, the negative and racist product of an otherwise positive but too often and then consistently abused national policy during the last 3 decadesand silently abetted in the sympathetic name of unitary race. This was coupled with the failure of incumbent politicians to honestly review their GREAT successes for race and GREAT failures for nation. We are now stuck with not only the frailties but the greater failure of our political multiracialism. RACE IS INDEED THE GREATER THREAT TO NATION NOT RELIGION BECAUSE NO RELIGION IS RACIAL. RACIALISED RELIGION DEFNITELY IS WHATEVER THE RACE..

I personally feel that the current PM's ONE MALAYSIA, whatever his alleged deficiencies, personal or by association, should be supported by more, even the Opposition for is that not its rhethorics as well. There is one difference. Incumbent government has little time to sincerely walk its talk. The Opposition has but not in the states they control politically. My view to both is to stop playing the normal dirty politics. Pass the anti-party hopping law.
Be judged or support positive and constructive restructuring of an old policy that was so necessary in the aftermath of the infamous 1969 May 13 for which all communities, when acting as narrow community, and more so the "econoputras" the only qualified at the time, are to be blamed if blame is a fair word.

On one hand the inbalanced of one major community felt left out too long while the imbalanced of another major community who also felt left out in similar and yet dissimilar ways, rightly or wrongly. Many had, since and before the "Liberation" and earlier during the Japanese Occupation thrown in their lot with the Chinese controlled, Chinese majority and socialist rakyat Communist Party of Malaya where Malays and Indians were still in the minority partly because of the omnipresence of good British intelligence.and executive policing.

If we are to deliver ourselves out of the racial or chauvinistic chasm into which so many of our people have allowed themselves to fall into in the sympathetic name race, religion or creed but is in essence a subterfuge for personal or selfish self and family we should now all cry and shout One Malaysia everywhere and all the time and irrespedtive of all denominations and aspects of nation - in politics, race, religion,schools and all positive activities. This should not only be done only by BN but also within BN in UMNO, MCA and MIC and all component parties in Sarawak and Sabah. If we must still at this stage shout "RACE" in party, let the final shout be SATU MALAYSIA" to show that community and nation have to go together and if a choice has to be made it must be NATION BEFORE SELF and COMMUNITY with Values That Do Not Die and for which all Malaysians shall willingly die..

I suggest that our younger generations and insufficiently tutored politicians read the new wisdom of Tun Mahathir with the enhancement of his honest reflections during his years in the political cold after his retirement. He said (NST 16.04.09), " WE NEED TO KNOW HOW WE BARELY MANAGED TO ESCAPE BEING A COMMUNIST STATE." It wasbecause we united in trust as a future nation and primarily we had faith in the legal tenets and spirit of the Constitution which was with no prejudice to perspective Royalty, the Malay language, Islam, fair to all communities and assures that the sons of the soil" will not be marginalised in the future. It does not provide for uncontestable and extreme Malay overlordship.

I should also state that In the course of positive nation building and national security over the long years, there had, at certain times, been exceptions in enforcing the rule of law. We did not prosecute certain members of the CPM first because of a weakness in evidence but also very importantly the decisive, critical and longer term role they could play in the immediate and the future. All this was subsequently proven and justified by. our successes in the fight against communist terrorism - a fight that took us more than 40 years to win and could only be won, not with only multiracial Malayan or Malaysian forces but in concert with sympathetic British and other Commonwealth forces for common national interests. Evidence of the sincerity of all who contributed irrespective of race, religion or origin of nation lie in so many locations all over our nation in Malay, Chinese, Indian and Christian cemeteries like God's Little Acre in Batu Gajah which will soon in June this year see a symbolic congregation of survivors from all nationalities, young and old, the strong and the weak to commemorate again those who sacrificed their tomorrow so that we could have our today.

Yuen Yuet Leng

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