Sunday, 18 January 2009

Ho-hum...The KT By-Election Choices

This was from The Star Online today:

Yeah BN lost..that was only to be expected right? Right?

Personally, the moment BN announced its candidate, I lost interest in the actual election (and campaigning) process. PAS could field a monkey and still won...well maybe not, but any decent PAS candidate would have won because BN had already lost.

I would have enjoyed joining some Barisan Rakyat friends up in KT the past 2 weeks as they tried to do good work there, especially with the Chinese voters. The Chinese voters however, chose to behave typically Malaysian Chinese; they chickened out. They did not vote for change. Hudud anyone?

Factoring in all expected efforts and strategies from both sides, it just felt like BN was never going to win this one; whether with phantoms or
premiums. The banal mainstream media hype and bias, and the equally banal and lop-sided alternative media pontifications and discourse made for a boring two weeks.

My question remains why the infamous Wan Ahmad Farid? Obviously it was not Najib's choice...or was it? Perhaps it was Hobson's Choice? The most common conclusion is that it was Bodohlah's (and therefore KJ's?) choice...but why did they choose to lose? Is there a bigger picture we do not see? Our Tun seems to think so:

Many opine that this by-election would be the measure of Najib. If victory meant so much to him yet he apparently did not have a voice (according to his damage-controlling spinmeisters) in the choice of candidate then what gives eh? Altantuya got yer tongue? Could the DPM be even lamer than the quack PM? Then, what the f(d)uck kind of a PM will he be come March? Who is holding his leash? We won't know for sure because there will be no curtain call but for some, it would certainly be curtains.

In the end, maybe we should not read too much into Wan Farid as the choice. It may merely be because he is the KT UMNO head and he had the deepest pocket with loose change to spare. Call it what you like: by-election or bye-election or buy-election; it looks like bye-bye Farid...for now.

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