Sunday, 20 July 2014

Weapons And Conflicts

To state the obvious, Man has been looking for increasingly effective and efficient tools to kill (both for food and in conflicts) since intentionally casting the first stone to hurt. It also stands to logic that weapons were the first things to be mass produced instead of say, farming tools. 

Fast forward to the last 100 years, that encompasses two world wars and a thawed out "cold" war together with an unbroken timeline of smaller conflicts throughout the world, is it surprising that the weapons industry continues to thrive? 

Whether it is private sector or government funding and R&D, we now have more sophisticated tools to kill each other. One thing is certain, there is lots of money for everybody from simple bullets to grenades; from nuclear submarines to aircraft carriers; from vehicle borne missiles to intercontinental nuclear warheads; from fighter jets to unmanned drones. 

Do not be mistaken, we are now at the cusp of another world war and none of us are safe. It is unprecedented that mankind is now equipped to hurt each other not only physically but also economically, psychologically and if it comes to past, totally! 

Our only salvation seems to be a declaration of war against WEAPONS. Non-proliferation and deterrence do not work. Governments must eventually do away with military budgets. 

Unfortunately and indeed paradoxically, there is only one effective weapon against weapons; PEACE! But if all else fails, maybe THIS will work:

Scientists believe that the aliens can make a pre-emptive attack to prevent the spread of the harmful effects of humanity on Earth.

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