Wednesday, 26 March 2014


MH370. Watching things pan out since the plane went missing on 8th March, one thing stands out; prayer. Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be praying. Started with praying for the safety of crew/passengers lah (the pilot and co-pilot were excluded for a while), for their families lah, then for the souls of the crew/passengers lah, now for the safety of the Search & Rescue guys lah, and maybe later for the journalists lah, blah, blah, blah. There is so much outpouring of compassion and commiseration it seems almost unreal; even got some atheists praying.

Mind you, Tom, Dick and Harry on a normal day will not spare a thought even for worse on-going human tragedies globally of which the list is long and well known. Now, because of social media and a sensational occurrence involving a couple of hundred victims, Tom, Dick and Harry are falling over themselves to publicly show how much each cares. I wonder if most are motivated more by personal gratification or for grandstanding rather than genuine caring. I wonder if we put a price to the show in say, Facebook by imposing just RM20 per MH370 prayer message, we would get the kind of numbers?

For one who knows what it is like to grieve, my comment is made not in schadenfreude for MH370 victims and their families but for the stench of hypocrisy that pervades.

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