Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blame The Serpent?

Zulkifly Noordin was from my school, KEVII School Taiping but he learnt nothing about being "colour blind". But it always amazes me why the Indians in Malaysia continue to prove that old adage (no need to elaborate lah) correct? Way Tha go Moorthy and well done MIC! Check out this photo:

What will Vell Paari now say?


MIC leader warns of ‘Zulkifli’ backlash

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional’s decision to name the controversial Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin as its candidate for the Shah Alam parliament seat has drawn both disbelief and discontent.

Observers noted that it could be a case of shooting oneself in the foot with regard to Indian votes.

The tremors are also being felt in MIC, with one leader warning of an electoral backlash if Zulkifli is allowed to run under the BN banner.

Expressing disappointment over the decision, S Vell Paari urged MIC president G Palanivel to put the message across to BN chairman Najib Tun Razak.

The MIC strategy director conveyed this via a text message to Palanivel, which was also sent to members of the party’s central working committee.

The text message, which was forwarded to FMT by one of the CWC members, read: “Zulkifli being a BN candidate in Shah Alam is an insult to the Hindus in Malaysia.”

“We have 15,000 Indian voters in Shah Alam, 31,000 in Kota Raja, 21,000 in Kapar and 17,000 in Subang. Declaring Zulkifli as the BN candidate has angered the community.

“We could lose nearly 50% to 70% of Indian votes which could result in losses for MIC candidates especially in Selangor. But with Indian votes being the deciding vote, it could result in BN failing to capture Selangor,” said Vell Paari.

The MIC leader also warned the president that the resentment over Zulkifli’s candidacy is spreading to other states as well.

“Dato Seri [Palanivel], we cannot keep silent and let everyone walk away with an apology after insulting our religion and community…

“I was advised that as a CWC member I have to adhere to party decorum on any issues and I am doing just that. I hope Dato Seri can get a favorable action from PM,” he added.

Contacted later, Vell Paari confirmed that he had sent the text message to Palanivel this afternoon.

Asked what he meant by “favourable action from PM,” he replied that Zulkifli must be struck off the candidates list.

“This is a man whose words go against the spirit of 1Malaysia and BN, so how can he represent BN in the elections?” he said.

Zulkifli landed in the spotlight after a video of him belittling the Hindu religion went viral on You Tube, for which he later apologised.

The former PKR leader is the incumbent MP for the Kulim Bandar Bahru seat in Kedah, which he won in the 2008 general election.

Remember Hulu Selangor? Remember Kamalanathan and his kiss?

By the way, Dato' Devamany s/o. S. Krishnasamy was also from KEVII School Taiping and the member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Cameron Highlands constituency in Pahang. Now his President has drop-kicked him to Sungai Siput to face incumbent, Dr "The Saint" Jayakumar and Palanivel himself has taken the Camerons seat which is considered "safe". Looks like a career change is in the works for Tiger Devamany. Canibalism ala MIC.  

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