Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Michael Newton - 2007


Ana Maria said...

A friend told me about Michael Newton and his past live hypnotherapy and books. I am not really interested in reincarnation (I am Catholic so it is not in my credo)but as I am really interested in Carl Gustav Jung and deep soul psychology I keep an "open mind". So I searched on internet, found your article of 10 of May 2010 about Michael Newton commented by a certain Larry. Interesting. Really interesting.
Then I clicked in your blog in January 2013. And I was really surprised to see that today (23 of january 2013) you have posted a video about Michael Newton. That is really a Jungian Synchronicity. Dear Carl Gustav Jung would have like this.

KS Cheah said...

Ha! Jungian Synchronicity indeed. My posting yesterday was spontaneous and it was an old (2007) clip to boot. Perhaps unknown to me, my action was meant to facilitate your Jungian Synchronicity experience or did I remember something before it happened :o)