Monday, 18 July 2011

Where Was Anwar?

We have too often been told Anwar Ibrahim is the glue that holds Pakatan Rakyat together and that PAS and DAP ideologues make concomitance between the two in a coalition like oil and water. The official stand and indeed spirit of both sides is one of resolute commitment to work together for the sake of all.  

Admittedly, there have been recurring conflicts between PAS and DAP even post March 2008, and the apprehension that this alliance is in reality fragile at best, is very real. The latest albeit resolved Ramadan period banning of entertainment outlets in Kedah adds to the lengthening list. Ironically, conflicts like these are a necessary undesirability in plural Malaysian society. We need to face and overcome such "growing pains" as a maturing society in a developing nation.     divisive conflicts before we  

as the nation struggles to achieve that elusive sustainable and equitable social model even after more than half a century of independence.  The Malaysia of today is not what our founding fathers envisaged. Failure to succeed is not an option  

Although, the affirmative New Economic Policy had high ideals, much blame can be attributed to the failed implementation of the well-meaning      The scenario should be considered a norm rather than to expect a utopia free from antipathy.    

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