Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Deafening Sound of Silence

This post might as well be titled, “Klueless In KL” and a previous post here entitled, “Najib In Deep Shit! Site Gone Viral” might as well be called, “Malaysia in Deep Shit! Our PM is Najib!”

So much has been posted online about Saturday’s Bersih 2 rally and the truth is well documented by all the videos, photos and personal accounts. The mainstream media really out did itself this time and editors must still be feeling dizzy from all the spin. Pro-BN bloggers were also working overtime and they must have thought it would be a turkey shoot when the government “declared” open season on Bersih 2.0! Their bonuses would have come early this year.

In the aftermath, we see our PM making all sorts of fallacious statements in the media, participating in a walkabout (he did TAR Road and Masjid India; both not Bersih 2.0 hotspots) and in his “Majlis Penerangan Perdana”. After all that, he calls for the so called “silent majority” who did not attend the rally to voice their support for his government! Boy, are we in deep shit. Only 6,000 attended the Bersih 2 rally!

It was obvious no effort was spared in trying to derail and demonize the Bersih movement before 9th July and the purported memo has too many markings of a BN “black-ops” for it to be a fake. Moreover, we have witnessed all the efforts preceding 9th July and they appear to have come from that playbook. Res ipsa loquitur.

Alas. Mistakes compounded mistakes and hatchet man cuz, Kerishamuddin unleashed the PDRM on all he could catch, using all sorts of trumped up reasons. This culminated in the brutal attacks on peaceful and unarmed Malaysians - Bersih 2.0 marchers at the rally on Saturday.  

One cannot help but wonder who Najib’s political strategists and advisors are, as he continues to shoot his own foot before putting it in his mouth. Now, if the advisors who are supposed to ensure his political survival are goofballs, then what about his economic advisors? Ultimately the buck stops with Najib and man! We ARE in deep shit! He is our Prime Minister!

Well Mr PM, you did ask the silent majority to speak up and perhaps you could not stand the deafening silence. By what logic did you draw the conclusion that if they did not march then they support you? Anyway, you are getting your wish Mr PM sir! The "silent majority" is now shouting loud and clear. Go check out the two-day old Facebook Page, “100,000 People Request Najib Tun Razak Resignation; at last count about 156,000 people are baying for your head! Since you said only 6,000 attended the Bersih 2.0 rally then the 150,000 must be part of your “silent majority”. 

There are those who say Najib’s albatross is women. Well, if this be true we can already see who the women in his life are. More importantly, he seems myopic about a diminutive woman who may have sparked a revolution; Ambiga SreenevasanThousands more will "attend" or re-live that 9th July rally over and over again through internet videos and photos. The 13th GE is your call Najib...keep up what you are doing.

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