Monday, 20 June 2011

J.J.'s 21st Birthday Gathering

J.J. turns 21 on the 23rd of June. It seems to me he turned 18 not too long ago. Nevertheless I have watched him develop the last three years through his own efforts and trials and tribulations into the intuitive young man he is today. He will continue to grow from here and continue to build on a sense of values that Mummy ingrained in his first 17 years.

It has been a transitional year for him not only in age but also in his chosen career field of audio engineering. As he cuts his teeth in the company that he is with now, I am thankful there are still decent people around who earnestly teach him.  

This past Saturday, he had a few friends over to usher in his 21st year and Krystyn put in a lot of effort as the main organizer. Krystyn invited members of a Christian cell group J.J. sometimes fraternizes with. They are a well brought up bunch and do their parents proud. It was certainly a different experience with a group that cold-called a few months ago. Special appreciation goes to cell leader Mei Fong for her initiative and I hope they enjoyed the company and the food (especially the roast pork courtesy of Amah Nellie).

To J.J., here's wishing you a great adult life ahead and be assured that you have what it takes to stand tall in a world that has become exceedingly cynical and unforgiving. Mummy would have been proud of you. Some photos:

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