Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dr Rafick Says It Right

Dr Rafick is an insurance industry veteran so I am told. So he is a kindred spirit and a comrade-in-arms as the industry goes but there is also another common factor. We are both registered to vote in the Ulu Kelang area where Azmin Ali is an MP.

The following is a post from his blog, Rights2Write and I believe he has said it right. It looks like Azmin Ali will have at least two votes less in the next GE. I have only one thing to add; "Anwar, Don't kill Nurul Izzah's spirit!". Please read:

Who is important: Zaid, Azmin or PKR?
November 8, 2010 by drrafick

Zaid Ibrahim critics called him by many names. Among others these include being a coward, a non team player and someone who runs away from problems. Others say that this is his trademark. He ran away once in UMNO when he faces obstacles and now he is running away again. I remember reading it from somewhere that when ZI joined PKR, his critics said that he wouldn’t last. History has shown to be true.

It is not easy being newcomer especially one that has a strong character and has high expectation in making a change. Having a strong principles and strong attitude can be regarded as arrogant by some especially people those opponent that wants to make an issue out of it. Fact remains that if the party cannot govern itself professionally then how can one expect it to govern the nation. Zaid resignation has greater impact on the party and the people than the cumulative impact of Zulkifli Noordin and Zahrain Hashim leaving the party months ago.

Mustaffa Kamil Ayub who was my classmate in UKM has also been sending mixed signals. He has also expressed his dissatisfaction over the election process. Like Azmin, Mustaffa also emigrated from UMNO when Anwar was kicked out from the party. If two deputy president contenders are raising the same issues surely there is some credibility to the argument that has been put forward.

Anwar initial reaction was disappointing. His indirect defense of Azmin Ali by saying that ZI left because of the poor results in election result in Sabah. He had also asked Zaid to give proof on his allegations that the election was rigged. Anwar must accept that officially he has no post in PKR. His wife does. A de-facto leader is not something that is recognized in any party constitution. He does not have the rights to question or demand answers from ZI. Right now the JPP Chair person, Molly Cheah and the party Sec Gen which has powers to demand such explanation has not done so.

PKR formation at its onset was about Anwar. It grew beyond Anwar to a certain extent where people start saying the injustice towards Anwar is a symbolic gesture to the injustice that happens in this country. However PKR has not been able to shed its core struggle that it is about Anwar and that is bad for the party. Allah forbids but what will happen if Anwar drop dead tomorrow? Can the party leaders continue the struggle? Can Azmin who grew as a loyalist but without going through serious political challenge hold the party together? In my honest opinion this is something that is debatable.

PKR is not about Anwar anymore. It has become the aspiration of the people to bring changes. Right now it has failed to show that it can hold his house together in a professional manner. It has failed to perform in many areas. I say ZI withdrew because he felt that is the best for him. The question is whether AA will do the same for the best interest of the party. Who is important, the party or the individuals who has craving for a “deputy premiership”?

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