Saturday, 6 November 2010

Blessing In Disguise or Disgust? Time Running Out For Anwar...

Haris Ibrahim posted "To lord over, or to love and liberate?" in his blog The People's Parliament just after the Galas and Batu Sapi twin PR losses. It gives us a glimpse of what happened in Batu Sapi that was so confusing on the Opposition side before voting day.

De facto or not, the blame falls on Anwar Ibrahim. Same old question again; what is Anwar Ibrahim's real agenda? "To lord over, or to love and liberate?"

Also, the following comment by
ALOYSIUS FRANCIS PINTO to that post made good sense:

One observation I have made is that Politics and logic are not synonymous!

Non-politicians since Tsunami 2008 have over-valued their political commentaries, based on their logic.

These 2 losses could be a blessing in disguise.


As in any new marriage, at last PR will now really know that their long-drawn honeymoon has ended. At first, the initial ecstasy was so overwhelming that PR lost Perak without even admitting their shortcomings, and continued to blame everything on BN. Politics is also the skill to maintain your victory through an intricate array of skills,talent and shrewdness, which the BN displayed in Perak.

PR continued to romanticize about taking Putra Jaya without acknowledging their weakness in governing, lack of ideological re-training for former UMNO/MIC/MCA and other BN members who have joined PAKATAN especially PKR. For almost a year PKR did not even publish their new constitution. Many have not even read the constitution, the HARAPAN BARU UNTUK MALAYSIA manifesto, DSAI’s 17 Core Principles. Secretariats of wakil2 rakyat for the most are un-organized and many still are. Those that had some structure were dis-organize when it came to implementation of the GE12 Elections could they, when even leaders have not read them, let alone share and train the substance part of the “perjuangan”. REFORMASI as a battle cry can be very powerful when you are in opposition.

As the ruling Government in Selangor, many wakil-wakil rakyat, especially the MPs and many ADUNs could not dust off their ‘opposition image’ and learn to govern the state well. PR MPs in PR states even intensified their ‘opposition-mindedness’ and were of no use to the Selangor/PR state governments. With so much energy still focused in politicking and manipulating ‘perceptions’ – that they will only bring real change after they take Putra Jaya, without exhibiting any substance of what would the PAKATAN CABINET could look like at state level. What alternative economic plans to implement the REFORMASI battle cry?

Hopefully, now, the PR leaders will really begin to listen to concerned citizens, professionals and civil society leaders when they offer their expertise, comments, suggestions and even ‘free’ services. The elimination the the NGOs and professionals councilors in Selangor was the final blow. Someone in the blogs commented that the usual ‘independent bloggers’ were missing in Galas and Sapi.

PR’s greater fear should be the lost of support from Civil Society including NGOS, professionals and concerned citizens. Just their decision to remain ‘silent’ and ‘neutral’ could tilt things in favour of BN who control the MSMedia.

On the positive side, recognizing the power and network of Civil Society, PR leaders should now engage seriously with them.

Yes, the writing is on the wall. It can still be re-written. Over to you Hadi, DSAI, LKS!


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