Sunday, 3 October 2010


Had Telekom Malaysia UniFi high speed broadband installed on the 30th of September. The following was the speed test result immediately after installation:

Almost as expected (some call it a self-fulfilling prophecy), the UniFi connectivity broke down at 1.00 am the next day (1st October) and the UniFi Helpdesk personnel insisted it was a problem at their server but I insisted they send someone over to check the installation.

Finally managed to hassle them to send a technician over at about 9.00 pm last night (2nd October) and they found the problem to be due to the optic fibre connection jacks at the modem and the external relay box outside the house. It was due to sloppy installation by the outsourced contractor. The problem was solved within 15 minutes.

After the repair, the following was the speed in the morning (3rd October); which was very slow for "high speed" broadband. The technician said it would increase and stabilize out. I took his illogical words with a "large dose of salt"!:

I made another complaint to TMB and now this is the latest speed test:

I suppose the latest speed is acceptable for a 5MB Package.

What is the moral of the story? Do not take anything from any "Helpdesk" lying down. Insist on them going further than the standard replies and push them to get you more conclusive responses and proposed solutions. Never accept the timeline they tell you. Demand your rights as a consumer.

Finally, you do not need to use profanities or shout like a mad man. However, make sure your displeasure and "take no prisoners" disposition is effectively conveyed over the phone. Make it clear that you can and will escalate the matter above their heads if necessary.

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