Thursday, 29 July 2010

Champagne Headaches and Hangovers

I have never liked champagne for the fact that it gives me massive headaches. Perhaps my plebeian ways and champagne do not make a good cocktail.

Anyway, obviously some Malaysians love champagne and one even thinks nothing of spending RM9.0 million in St Tropez on champagne alone in a single night of "cock-fighting" with "dip-sticks" to see who had deeper pockets. The brother of the 28 year old now infamous Low Taek Jho certainly grew up on "Malaysia Boleh" fodder and in the end, Malaysia indeed boleh!

All this at a time when foreigners are finding Malaysia an ugly place to invest their money (must read this by Tony Pua) we have these two brothers contributing millions to the economy of other countries. Well, the stories about the source of Jho's millions and lifestyle abound in both cyberspace and traditional media (especially in the society pages) so I shan't go there except to say that speculated links to Malaysia's self-titled First Family is disturbing.

It certainly looks like the people who will bear the hangover of some peoples' lavish "champagne lifestyle" could be the sorry sods called the Malaysian public. We are told the government has to cut subsidies to avoid bankrupcy by 2019; I hope we have not ended up subsidizing champagne! This guy Low Taek Jho is hardly a lowly tyke or an ordinary joe but Wharton notwithstanding, hopefully he is a financial whizz. His reported business in Malaysia thus far is more pointing towards the familiar cronyism model. Follow the about him HERE and you be the judge.

No need for photos in this blogpost...just follow the hyperlinks herein...there are tons!

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