Monday, 17 May 2010

"You Give Me First La! Then I Give You Back!". People First, Performance Now?

This is your 1Malaysia Prime Minister. Watch it and you decide what you decide. I think Patrick Teoh got the nail on its head with this.

I have never met him personally but I keep hearing from my friends in BN that the PM is a sincere, polished, and intelligent guy. If so then the guy in the video must be an imposter.

Apart from the excreta that spews from his mouth, the continuous wiping of his lips indicates nervousness unbecoming of a nation's top leader. Also, the smug, condescending attitude and words are certainly not the mark of a sincere and intelligent guy. He seems to be saying to the predominantly Chinese audience, " cheapskate a**holes; you are all about money and therefore will sell your soul". Well Jibby, I think this time Sibu showed you where to stick the middle finger. 

Watch this video; imagine it is say, Lim Kit Siang talking instead of Najib. If it was so, you can bet the MACC will drag LKS's ass in for corruption and money politics or the EC will charge him for violating election law! 

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abdooss said...

I have read it in the Sun that to promise things like that it is MORALLY wrong, but not LEGALLY.. so politicians can get away with it.. :(