Thursday, 13 November 2008

What Quantum For Solace?

Watched Quantum of Solace (QOS) with JJ last Sunday night; a father-son bonding thing. What better than a Bond movie...pun intended. It is Bond season again and time to indulge in fantasy...a break from the mundane and drudgery that daily existence can be.

There was no watching QOS without considering the first installment, Casino Royale (CR) which was shown about a year ago. I had to consult Wiki for a refresher of the CR storyline before watching QOS.
Wiki did not disappoint as I would have been almost clueless about much of the QOS story. As it was, we found QOS a very good sequel to CR as the loose ends were neatly tied up at the end.

A refreshing difference with QOS is Bond without Q's wizardry and gadgetry...just the plain old brain and brawn and of course the Walther PPK.

What quantum for some solace? Less than RM30.00 for two tickets and drinks.

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