Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Another Evening At Hakka Restaurant, KL

Last Sunday was A1GP weekend again and last night, was the usual Hakka Restaurant dinner meeting that has become a sort of tradition.

This time around Owen Leed and Jack Cunningham were absent with apologies. Owen had to rush off to UK after the race for his daughter's birthday and Jack was in Taiwan on business. Nevertheless, Jack was represented by Jill (yup! Jack & Jill) and we had a "newcomer" in Tony (surname yet unknown), the Accountant.

JJ made his first appearance at the dinner and acquited himself well at the table. Looks like he will be included the next time around.

Adam hosted and as usual had a plane to catch the same night. He was allowed to drink only because he brought along his Alcholic Drinks Licence; complete with smart chip!

In keeping with tradition, Jeannie's original choice of Hakka Deepfried Trotter was the main dish.

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