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I Agree...Stop Baseless Accusations!!!

Bloggers "Another Brick In The Wall" and "Big Dog" had the following to say. I must say I agree with most of what they wrote. This flinging of unsubstantiated shit must stop. Opinions and comments are one thing but when it comes to direct accusations of impropriety, it becomes libel and slander.

RPK always maintained that he had proof to back all his claims and that he will produce evidence in open court. That is the reason why I am personally against detention without trial vis-à-vis the ISA. Therefore, blogger Kickdefella should just put up or shut up! Substantiate or shut up.

What is his agenda? Baiting the police to arrest him again? Inviting a blanket swoop? Martyredom perhaps?

Stop giving bloggers a bad name!


Another Brick In The Wall:

One RPK is Enough, Not Another One

Sheih Kickdefella two postings that pun the movie title, "We Know What You Did Last Christmas (Summer actually)" is quiet a revelation. But, it raised quite a concern.

One posting is on Abdullah and Nuri replacment which allegedly had son Kamaluddin as "agent" from Eurocopter that was given the contracts.

The other is a close resemblance to Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) style of unfolding a story.

He claimed Najib sent letters to Ambassadors of few Europeans countries for Altantunya's safe entry. Malaysian diplomats witnessed Altantunya as part of the Malaysian entourage.

Another sensational revelation is Rosmah paid RM5 million for Bala to return to India.

Shieh claimed his information came from police during his stay in. Whether that is true or false, he may have to reveal his source.

Will he get them to help? Mind you, two police officers, RPK claimed was at the scene of the Altantunya blow-up with Rosmah, is now sueing RPK.


Few years before the 12th General Election and the early years of Socio-Political Blogging, there exist a silent comradeship between bloggers, be it a somewhat formal grouping like All Blog or a loose understanding called Band of Bloggers or a group of friendly bloggers without a name.

There was an unstated understanding that transcend beyond partisan, ideological and activism affiliation to talk in unison concerning a certian issue. Malaysia Today (MT) then helped to promote these disparage views into a public discussion. That made blogs a powerful tool to push issues censored by the mainstream media into public knowledge.

Prior to the GE12, blogs and MT took a stand on issues and culminated into one of the biggest public demonstration, the BERSIH cum Yellow Wave demonstration. Subsequently, there was the Hindraf rally but the support was not as wide since its agenda was ethnic.

After the General Election, MT took a different direction in line with its new page makeup. The opposition oriented blogs generally changed along and took up the Pakatan Rakyat/PKR and Hindraf agenda. No more are issues on MT discussed with a wide ranging perspective, but with a clear propaganda agenda.

The agenda, that used to be about getting Abdullah, Khairy and the Tingkat 4, suddenly turned apologetic towards them. In place, it became Najib bashing and propelling Anwar to takeover Government through frogging MPs.

From Writer To News

With that as a background, RPK changed from a man churning news, stories and articles to one becoming part of the event.

Writers, poets, playwrights, and novelist play a role in igniting change in society and in the battle of ideas. But that batton has to be passed on to others to continue. It seemed now bloggers are no more churning personal opinion on events but are becoming part of the event.

When Raja Petra Kamaruddin was faced with a string of arrests, charges and lawsuits over various allegations he made in his "third party" statutory declaration (SD) allegation against Najib via Rosmah, it puts many bloggers, including yours truly in a spot between Freedom of Speech and Information and respecting the Law and Institution of Government.

The SD made was suspect and difficult to fathom. In the light of the ongoing Altantunya murder trial, it was contemptuous of the courts. RPK grew bolder, maybe out of his own conviction, releasing many other statutory declarations like that of the missing Balasundram. It remaisn as stamped heresay and subjected to police investigation.

Many bloggers felt RPK was inviting trouble for himself from his allegedly "seditious" (as per the Sedition Act) writings. True enough, RPK is now not only faced with those legal issues but the extra legal ISA for practically indefinite period.

Is it worthy being detained for an allegation that has yet to be determined as true? Shouldn't bloggers have some level of responsibility, integrity or the least, maintain a safe level of rationale and conviction in their writings?

More so, for those with a name to the blog and command a good following.


Brother Sheih, Please la ... Make a police report and reveal your proofs there. And, respectfully follow the court process accordingly. If tehre is a case, go slug it out in court. No RPK-esque stunt.

If you wish to write, substantiate any serious allegations made. More so, for capital offense like murder where the burden of proof is heavy. Reveal real documents and not just statutory declared heresay. Otherwise, you can go down for making baseless allegation and fabrication.

Writers have to stay around to keep the fire burning. We have to live to fight another day. Remember that you haven't Kickdefella. One shouldn't assume it is an easy and given path ahead.

The last thing you should do is to discredit Najib based on unfounded claims. Sincerely I hope you have no intention to spoling Najib's plan for next week's D Day and allow Abdullah safe passage. Not only Abdullah wants to stay around, even Anwar wants him around.

Getting RPK out is tough. One RPK is enough. Not another one.

Big Dog:

What agenda is Kickdefella up to this round?

Another blogger joined the baseless accusation train. Bad enough that Raja Petra Kamaruddin, then Malaysia Today editor (now ISA detainee in Kamunting Camp), rabidly lambasted unbelievable stories about DPM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak being directly involved in the murder and cover up of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaaribuu. Now we have blogger Kickdefella, with another propesterous story on how private investigator Balasubramaniam.

Has the famous poster-maker turned political blogger any shred of evidence on these serious accusations? This is nowhere near being in the band of “skepticism”.

The timing is also a factor. At the finest moment where DPM Najib is said to be nominated as the most popular and likely candidate (within the purview of UMNO members and delegates) for UMNO Presidency, stories like this is being published and meant to attract adverse reactions.

The title is also damning, especially on the day most sacred and important for majority Muslim Malays. UMNO Divisions are supposed to start the annual general meetings beginning 9 October 2008 and nominations for the Presidency will be closely watched, not amongst UMNO members, but the whole world at large.

UMNO President PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is at the verge of getting kicked out from UMNO. Even there are skepticism about him wanting still to be nominated, despite the strong views MT UMNO thrown against him three weeks ago, it is still pertinent that the pressure to show him the door. Of course, it is not without within the UMNO vine, to nominate the most likely candidate which is the Deputy President DPM Najib.

What does Sheih Kickdefella expect from this posting? Get arrested another round, for ‘investigations’? He was picked up recently for posting the Malaysian flag upside down, which is deemed seditious.

Bloggers should be responsible with their scoops. We hope he really have incriminating evidence on this new accusations thrown to make the situation much more complex than it already has, especially from the eyes of bloggosphere users. Otherwise, posting like this will just cause confussion and demean the real role of bloggers: as provider of alternative media.

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