Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Gay Marriages In Malaysia???

We were outstation yesterday to meet an aquaintance who before our appointed meeting time, happened to be doing marriage counselling duties (as part of the extensive social work he does) at the state Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. Can't give away location details for sake of anonymity. While waiting for him we noticed this:

It appeared to us that Picture B shows two women wanting to get registered in marriage. The "male" also has a rather female sounding Chinese name too. Our social worker aquaintance also could not shed any light on the matter. I wonder what the law is? Certainly it can't be, even in Bolehland. Imagine if in the situation of gay males...wouldn't it tantamount to legalizing (in Malaysia) asshole banditry?

Nevertheless, our friend the social worker must be doing some good. Please refer to Picture C.

But for all the successes, I wonder that if a marriage can arrive at this stage whether it is worth saving; bearing in mind that this counselling is "mandatory" after divorce proceedings have been instituted.

Perhaps legal gay marriages will bring down divorce stats in this country. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

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