Wednesday, 6 June 2007

D-Day, 6th of June

Today, 6th of June is D-Day. Nope, it is not because Pak Lah confirmed the "open secret" that he is getting married again. Anyway, congratulations to the soon-to-be newly weds.

The moment in history that is of far greater significance and consequence was 6th of June, 1944; the "Longest Day". It was the beginning of the end of World War II in Europe when the Allied Forces successfully launched "Operation Overlord"; the assault on Hitler's "Fortress Europe" which became known as the "Battle of Normandy".

There is so much information on the www regarding that day in history that it is superfluous for me to include URLs here. Go check it out.

The objective was simple: to gain a foothold on the continent while the Soviet Union tied down a great portion of the enemy's forces. The road to Berlin thereafter was a matter of time

Now, more than 60 years later, the Normandy invasion remains the largest seaborne invasion in history, involving almost 3 million troops crossing the English Channel.

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SkyHorse said...

Mr Cheah,
Besides the enlightening significance of 'D-Day', 6 is my favourite number:) it is luck in hokkien too! And wow! 3 million troops crossing the English Channel was simply unprecedent!